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Welcome to the PaddlesUp! support site.


PaddlesUp! Coach is a fun, easy, and powerful app for managing your dragon boat club. Manage your roster and teams. Easily create lineups and attach them to races and practices (coming soon) and then share them with your teams. Plan your festivals... enter your teams, see who's coming, track your progress and your competition.


PaddlesUp! Coach is an extensive, feature-rich app but it takes only a few minutes to become familiar with the lay of the land. There are four tabs at the bottom of the screen: Roster, Teams, Festivals, and Club.

Getting Started

  1. Consider registering. Registration is free and easy and requires only an email address. Once you are registered, PaddlesUp! can send festival invitations to participants and track individual responses. And for a race you can send the lineup to the participants or the entire team.
  2. Fill in the roster. Enter the name and contact information for each participant (or import from the Contacts app). Fill in paddling-related info like gender, side preference, weight, and role. With this information, PaddlesUp! can give you better information as you create lineups.
  3. Create your teams. You can create any number of teams. Enter the name and type. Fill in the team roster. Create lineups. Lineups you create here can be used as a starting point for lineups in races.
    • Hint: when editing the team roster long-press on any participant to display an action sheet that allows you to quickly select all the participants.
  4. Go to a festival. Enter the festival details including the dates. Enter any deadlines and submissions you want to track. Prior to the festival, add your team or teams and invite the participants*. As the festival approaches track the responses so you know who's planning to attend. When you're at the festival create races to track your results and your competition. Prior to a race create the lineup and send it to your team*. Enter your results and the results for your competitors so you see how you're doing right in the app.
* requires registration



Registration is optional, free, and easy and enables PaddlesUp! to provide many time-saving features:

Registration requires a valid and verifiable email address and an internet connection. Follow these steps.
  1. From the Club screen tap Register.
  2. Read our Privacy Policy. Tap Ok if you agree.
  3. Enter your email address and tap Ok.
  4. An alert will appear. Be sure to read it carefully. Pull-to-refresh is used here on this screen to check your response and on all the screens that allow you to check for responses from participants. Tap Ok.
  5. You will receive an email. Tap the link.
  6. On the web page that appears, tap Yes to confirm your email.
  7. Return to the app and pull to check for your response. Your registration status will change to Registered.
Now, when you add a team to a festival you will be able to send invitations to the team with one tap. And you can see participant responses right from the app.


Creating and managing lineups is one of the most powerful features of PaddlesUp! A good place to start is to create at least one lineup for the team. You can then use this lineup as a starting point for a race lineup. You can create as many lineups for a team as you like.

  1. Tap the Teams tab.
  2. Tap the team you want to create a lineup for. If you're not at the Teams screen you can tap the Teams tab again. That's a handy shortcut that will pop you back to the starting screen (works on any tab where you can navigate away from the starting screen).
  3. Tap Lineups...
  4. Tap the Add button (it's the button with a plus sign). If you have a lineup already you will have the choice of creating a new, empty lineup or copying any of the lineups you've already created. These steps assume you're starting from a new, empty lineup.
  5. Enter a name for the lineup (you can change the name of a lineup anytime later).
  6. Tap a position.
  7. Tap the paddler you would like in that position. If you entered a side preference for a paddler the icon beside the paddler name will remind of their preference.
  8. Continue tapping positions and paddlers until your lineup is complete.
  9. You can see that the weight of each side (along with the difference from the other side) is continuously updated as well as the gender counts.
  10. If you want to move someone just tap and hold on the drag handles. The position will blink to let you know you can start dragging. You can move the paddler anywhere you like including back to where you started. Once you have the paddler where you want just let go. If you drag the paddler to the other side notice that the weight counts are continuously updated as you drag.
  11. When you're finished tap Done.
Careful: If you tap Cancel you will undo all changes since you tapped Edit.

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